PreySince its founding, Milwaukee has been a city divided. And in a city so splintered even the streets don’t match up, seeing eye-to-eye has its challenges. But that’s only human, right? Not always. Because as you see more and more of the City at night, you’ll soon come to realize that since the Bridge War of 1845, Milwaukee hasn’t become more unified. The conflict has only gotten quieter. And perhaps you’ll find the political game a bit more dangerous.

In the World of Darkness, Milwaukee is a metropolis teeming with the supernatural. While Kindred have a significant presence in the city, their world is a fractured one. Kindred strongholds on the South Side, Riverwest, and the East side vie for dominance for their particular Covenants, while shifting alliances between factions of Kindred and with forces outside the Danse Macabre threaten to engulf the city in bloody conflict.

Check out the White Wolf wiki page for more on Vampire: The Requiem. Photo credit Kim Boske, Decay Can Be Very Slow.


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