Greg Polaski

One hair short of a serial killer, to those quick to judge.






Mental: Academics(2), Computer(1), Crafts(3, mixology), Investigation(1), Occult(2), Science(2)

Physical: Athletics(1), Larceny(2, lockpicking), Stealth(1), Survival(2), Weaponry(1)

Social: Socialize(1), Streetwise(2, gangs), Subterfuge(1)


Encyclopedic Knowledge—4

Direction Sense—1

Fast Reflexes—2


Aloof, Bipolar



Obsfucate – 1

Celerity – 1


Size: 5

Defense: 3

Initiative Mod: 6

Speed: 4



Health: 8

Willpower: 4

Vitae: 3

Blood Potency: 1

Humanity: 6


- hunting knife

- torch lighter


Raised in West Allis, by strict parents who were strict out of malice, not high expectation. Greg was never anticipated to make anything out of his life despite his very high intelligence, though he cared little about the structure and customs of society. He lives for chaos. His parents adopted him through a foster program, and even married each other for the purpose to gain tax exemptions. He had a cold, untrustworthy childhood. Most of his only friends have been gang members, but as you can imagine, he was never friends with them for long.

Mostly keeping to himself, he spent a lot of time at public libraries – the one establishment made by his hated controlled society that always offered him solace. He held a few odd jobs in his teen years, donating most of the money anonymously to the libraries he grew up with.

After getting expelled from high school at age 17, he tried to make a life of his own. His parents were through with him, and had little desire to get him back, since he was almost an adult anyway. He ran away and found a tavern on the outskirts of Riverwest near the ghetto on the east side, and in one of the only acts of kindness he has ever known, was given a place to stay above the bar in exchange for work.

Greg Polaski

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