Casimir Zabek

Bishop of the Lancea Sanctum


Age: 50 at time of Embrace (in 1929)
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Gluttony
Clan: Nosferatu
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum
Blood Potency: ●●●●● (Max Vitae at 14, 2 Vitae/turn)

Mental: Intelligence ●●● / Wits ●●● / Resolve ●●●●
Physical: Strength ●●●●● / Dexterity ●●● / Stamina ●●●●
Social: Presence ●●●● / Manipulation ●● / Composure ●●

Mental Skills:
Investigation ●●
Medicine ●●●
Occult ●●● (Catholicism)
Politics ●●

Physical Skills:
Athletics ●●
Brawl ●●●
Drive ●●
Firearms ●●●
Larceny ●● (Smuggling)
Stealth ●
Weaponry ●

Social Skills:
Intimidation ●●
Streetwise ●●●

Fast Reflexes ●●
Fresh Start ●
Resources ●●●●
Covenant Status ●●● (Lancea Sanctum)

Nightmare ●●●●●
Obfuscate ●●●●
Vigor ●●●

Flaw: –
Willpower: 6
Health: 9
Humanity: 4
Initiative: 5
Defense: 3
Speed: 13
Armor: -
Equipment: -


Zabek was born in Poland in 1879, and immigrated to the United States with his parents at age twelve, in 1891. Zabek’s father worked in a Milwaukee steel mill to support his family until he was killed in a factory accident in 1910. Casimir had been considering the priesthood, but turned to organized crime to support his family.

In 1929, a central figure of the rum-running scene in Milwaukee, with connections in Chicago, Casimir was betrayed by his right-hand man Kowalski and was nearly taken into custody by two undercover policemen. However, Casimir stumbled away, sustaining a bullet wound to the shoulder. He was found in an alley off Mitchell Street trying to bind his wound by a travelling Nosferatu. The temptation proved too much, and he was almost bled dry when he first tasted Vitae that night.

Zabek woke up the next night with a powerful thirst. But with willpower unusual for a neonate, decided to use his enhanced senses to find Kowalski, his betrayer. Zabek tracked Kowalski to the Oriental theater (then 2 years old), where Big Business by Laurel and Hardy is playing, to a live accompaniment. There, Casimir draws first blood, sucking Kowalski dry and leaving his body on the balcony, where his wife will identify it the next morning.

Casimir’s sire, who had been hoping that her childe would join her on her travels, was sorely disappointed. Although she tried very hard to convince him that Milwaukee was a poor place for the Damned, Casimir steadily refused to leave his mortal family. Only when she promised they would return did he agree to depart to New York.

When they arrived, Casimir’s sire attempted to introduce him to her Ordo Dracul colleagues, but Casimir quickly tired of them. One night, wandering through Manhattan, he came upon the construction site of the Rockefeller Center and, beyond it, St. Patrick’s Cathedral. He decided to go to Midnight Mass. Entering the Cathedral, he looked to his left and was surprised to see a hooded figure, whom he immediately recognized as Kindred. He was beckoned inside, and found in the Cathedral an entire congregation of the Sanctified, led by an elderly Ventrue.

That night, Casimir became Sanctified. However, fearing her childe’s defection to another Covenant, his sire soon made good on her promise to return to Milwaukee, leaving Casimir with a worn copy of the Testament and no moral or religious guidance. Together, she and Casimir strugged to create a foothold for themselves among other creatures – not Kindred, but not quite human, either.

Throughout the late 1950s, during which his sire sank into torpor, and through to the present day, Casimir has been gradually recruiting followers as many of Milwaukee’s prominent Catholic population have awoken to their own Requiems, although until a young Greek anarchist awoke to his Requiem, Costas had no childer of his own. Casimir’s flock remains small, but is supplemented with Ghouls referred to as taper bearers, who perform ceremonial duties and fulfill ritual needs when necessary.

Casimir Zabek

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