Belewyn Taryn "Bell" Hain

Latter-day Warrior-Druid


Age: 29 at time of Embrace (in 1937)
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Pride
Clan: Gangrel
Bloodline: Childer of the Morrigan [VtR: Circle of the Crone 172]
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
Blood Potency: ●● (Max Vitae at 11, 1 Vitae/turn)

Mental: Intelligence ●● / Wits ● / Resolve ●●
Physical: Strength ●●●● / Dexterity ●● / Stamina ●●●
Social: Presence ●●● / Manipulation ● / Composure ●●●●

Mental Skills:
Investigation ●
Occult ●●● (Celtic Lore)

Physical Skills:
Athletics ●● (Welsh Longbow)
Brawl ●●● (Combat Grappling)
Drive ●●
Survival ●
Weaponry ●●●

Social Skills:
Empathy ●● (Only applies to rolls invoking the Telepathic Rapport she shares with Sam)
Intimidation ●●●
Streetwise ●●
Subterfuge ●●

Fighting Style: MAC ●●● [WoD: Dogs of War 38, mod. by Brawl specialty in Combat Grappling]
Brawling Dodge ●
Fast Reflexes ●●
Weaponry Dodge ●
Resources ●●
Haven (3) ●●/●●●/●● with Samuil Hain

Telepathic Rapport ●● (Samuil Hain) [WoD: Second Sight 63]

Protean ●●●●
Resilience ●●
Vigor ●●

Flaw: –
Willpower: 6
Health: 8
Humanity: 4
Initiative: 6
Defense: 1
Speed: 11
Armor: Bulletproof Vest ●●● [WoD: Armory 175]
Equipment: Iron Fan (Gunsen) [WoD: Armory 35]


Born in Glamorgan County, Wales in 1908, shortly before her twin brother Samuil, Belewyn Taryn Hain was raised by Welsh nationalist parents in a Welsh nationalist household. Her father died around the time she and Sam turned 15. Sam and Bell had almost a preternatural connection while they were growing up, and are remarkable in that while Sam’s left eye is blue and his right is brown, Bell’s left eye is brown and her right is blue.

Although Sam found a wife and moved away, Bell refused to marry and give up the family farm until 1937. Embraced by a fellow Morrigan with whom she had a turbulent romance and (eventually) a violent parting, Bell foisted the farm and her mother off on Sam, leaving to live in the slums of Cardiff, where the pickings were plenty.

However, she could not disappear completely. Her brother, using the connection between them, left to search for her when he began experiencing violent visions and unsettling feelings which convinced him that his sister was in trouble. When he located her in Cardiff and discovered her bloody secret, Bell and Sam were dragged to the feet of the Invictus Prince of Cardiff at the time, a Ventrue named Emrys Ramsay. Emrys gave Sam the choice, now that he knew of the existence of the Kindred , to undergo the embrace or to die. Sam chose the former, and was made the Childe of Emrys Ramsay that very night.

Eventually, Bell grew tired of the endless political machinations of the Cardiff Invictus. She convinced Sam to move to Dublin, where they became affiliated with the Circle of the Crone, which incorporated the traditional Celtic mythology with Crone iconography. It was this brand of Crone worship which brought Sam and Bell to Milwaukee and its powerful Circle Matriarch when Bell once again began to get restless, in 1963. In Milwaukee they found a relatively established, if splintered, Kindred scene. Tensions will begin to build up as more Kindred find their way to the city, but up till 2010 there have been no direct conflicts between covenants.

Belewyn Taryn "Bell" Hain

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