Re: Forces Are Gathering

Je suis le prophète du délabrement et le pionnier du chaos, car rien ne peut naître que du chaos.

Re: Forces Are Gathering


G and I are making progress. The new equipment should be making its way to the drop point shortly, thanks to the new recruit. I've sent them over to the neighbors, haring after old ghosts, as you'll be glad to hear. The trail is cold, but perhaps Sam has better intel. No offense.

In the meantime, can you look up more history on the psychopath? I'm wondering if there wasn't something we missed. He's a loose cannon and I want to know why. Luckily the Greek is keeping him in check, otherwise I'd have to spend all my time babysitting. Beginning to think our choices were made ... impulsively. Reply with intel. Encrypted, as per usual.

It is a subterranean fire, they cannot put it out.



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