Minutes and Seconds

From the Journal of Costas Petrakis

(Written in Danish, in cipher)

August 2010:

Returned from meeting with compatriots; course of action decided. Cell leader seconded my motion for the continuance of an “alliance” with the easterners. I admit that I’m frustrated by both internal and external pressures on this situation; this object is sparking passions that are inherently more destructive than constructive. Make no mistake; losses and violence precede revolution. Omelets and eggs. But cannot accept ‘mind control’, if that is what this is. Antithetical to anarchist doctrine, such as it is.

Nevertheless, our enemy to the south is far more dangerous than the misguided (and unstable) ones to the east. They are a problem to be dealt with through negotiation and reasoned action. Their continued pursuit of “feeding territories” is especially grating. Reminds me a little too much of company bosses handing out the food supply. Perhaps it’s time to take some individual strike action, to demonstrate to that bitch over at the Nomad just how tenuous and idiotic her ideas of possession are. Property is dictated by need and labor, not some arbitary claim. Feudalism has been gone for a few years, maybe she hasn’t noticed.

Yet my concerns are not entirely external. If given the opportunity, I see our leadership in the Movement being tempted by the device. Our enforcer in particular worries me. She is unpredictable. Dangerous. Fanatical. Racist. Her devotion to the cause outweighs her conscience, and this is trouble waiting to happen. Worried.

My immediate companions worry me less. ‘Stallis trash is twisted, no question, but he’s essentially a nihilist. The manipulation of political power doesn’t interest him. A similar apathy reduces the threat from the frat boy, albeit with a different source. And the Celt and I are largely of one mind. Perhaps the communist model, whereby each cell is limited to at most four members, is best. Less chance for betrayal. Maintenance of purpose. Orthodoxy at once enforced and criticized. Close to ideal.

Soon we will take our proposal to the Juneau folks. Here’s hoping they fall for the ruse. I wouldn’t want to get on Bell’s bad side.

Well, not like that, anyway.

Hellas in Danemark, August 2010


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